There are million apps out there. Here’s why you should stop at ACTV powered by 05Media App.

In a world of endless possibilities, we can only take some of them. For example, we only populate one planet in the entire solar system (as we know so far!). And we only choose one person to live with ‘till the end of our lives from over 7 billion. There are many choices we have to make in life and some of them with very good reasons. For example, we may want to live on Mars, but for now, there’s just too hot and dry for us. And some people are just too annoying to live with. It’s the same with smaller decisions, like what car we drive, what food we eat or… what app we use every day.

Yes, this might be an issue when you can actually choose from more than 2 million apps available on Google Play and App Store. There’s an app for weather forecast, one for taxi service, one for food delivery or one for the number of steps you take. Well, more than one for each and that’s for almost every action we take. Confronted with so many choices, what apps do we actually use?

A November 2016 Pew Research Center reports that 30% of US smartphone app downloaders had one to 10 apps downloaded on their phone and another 32% had 11 to 20. Compared to what the market has to offer… it seems that we like to keep our life pretty simple.

It’s the reality that inspired the creation of ACTV app; a solution to keep all your digital life organized in one place, so instead of 10 apps and a tone of wasted resources, you can have it all in one. You want to chat with your friends, to watch a TV show together, read the news or see the latest results from your favorite sports team? With ACTV powered by 05Media you can do all this and more. It’s a combination of social media, cable TV (only with no cable), and innovative real-time advertising tools that allow you to keep in touch with the whole world, while saving time, energy, and… memory.

ACTV powered by 05Media comes as a necessity in a world in a hurry and continuous development, where time and space are more relative than ever. It’s not like it will make life possible on Mars, but it will definitely let you know when that happens.

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