Love lasts 3 years. Engagement is meant to last forever

Engagement. Such a big word in a world more preoccupied with small things. And yet, it’s what we are all looking for. When we want to start a family, when we get hired or when we have a business to grow. They all require engagement, that type of stability and commitment that allows us to feel appreciated and valuable.

As a sports team, engagement is all you can wish for. You would probably say hey, what about winning? But can you enjoy one without the other? If a fan just comes and goes, the taste of victory will follow the pattern. It’s just like in a relationship: if you keep your partner happy, you’ll have a long and beautiful life together. If not, he will probably search for it somewhere else.

Now, in sports there’s a type of solidarity and commitment that comes by default. But you don’t have to take it for granted. A lost match, a bad experience with a seat, a player’s attitude and the trust could dramatically decrease. That’s why keeping close to your fans is essential and technology is your best chance to do so, outside the court. In terms of ACTV powered by 05 Media, it’s all about communication.

Graphic LIsnrFirst, a fan experience with his favorite team should not be confined to buying tickets and watching the games. A first-hand experience with a team player, an interview with the coach, a direct suggestion about the game should be taken into consideration. That’s what ACTV powered by 05 Media is offering. The possibility of real time fan-sports team interaction. This means voting the best player in a game, asking questions about the team’s strategy, instant messaging with other viewers and, most important, getting answers. It’s a fast-moving world, so we need quick answers.

Second, let your fans know that they are important to you. Because more than words, they will be convinced by actions. So, in return of their involvement, give them a reward. A T-shirt, access to a Fan Club or the locker room, a ticket to a game. Show them how lucky you feel about having their support and give some of that luck back. This way, a fan becomes a loyal partner that will definitely come back and share his experience with others. It’s a win-win situation since we are talking about sports.

As a result, fans are more likely to spend more time and money for their passion. Simply because they feel it’s worth it. Enhance a fan experience with the possibility to buy food, drinks, specific items, let him know all about your special offers or your special events. All in one, like ACTV powered by 05 Media made it possible.

6b772592-4d1b-48e5-a8b1-d6a44fc855f3Betting. Sport fans are crazy about competitions of any kind. Who’s gonna score first, who’s going to win or what player will not catch the next game; they like to put some stake on their knowledge. ACTV powered by 05 Media 05 Media gives them that opportunity also. It’s like a bigger team, where players, sponsors, and fans shoot at the same gate.

Let’s not forget about advertising. Make this annoying experience more desirable. What ACTV powered by 05 Media is trying to do is give a familiar touch to this process. Meaning, fans will only see the ads related to their areas of interests. While watching a game, you probably don’t want to see a washing machine or a toothpaste commercial. Instead, give fans what they want, while actually being in control. You can even ask what they would like to see next time and provide that specific content.

All the above leads to the most important part: know your fans. In a stadium or a court with hundreds of people it’s impossible to know which one is there for the first time, who’s someone’s favorite player or if he’s paying attention to the game. Using ACTV powered by 05 Media, you can make your own data base, you can approach new arrivals, you can personalize their experience and make them stay. And not only for a game.

It’s like putting a ring on it. It should be forever.